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Broadspeed and Us.

Compare Broadspeed and us to put you in the driving seat.

Buying a new car is probably one of the biggest costs you will take on during your lifetime. That’s why you want to ensure that you get the right help to find your dream car at the best price.

There are plenty of agents around, like Broadspeed for example; good agents who all profess to offer you the best deals. But here we go that one step further. Not only do we promise to get you the best deal on the web for your new car purchase; we also offer you our unrivalled personal service.

You can draw up your own specification when you use us.

One of the things that many of our clients like about our unique service offer is our “build your new car” facility that can be found on our website. This special configurator gives you the opportunity to specify the exact detail of your ideal new car, from the size of the engine to the colour trim.

The beauty of this particular tool is that it allows you to build your specification in your own time, in the comfort of own new home.

broadspeed dealsOne of the things that many people dislike about buying a car in a conventional way, is the pressure that they feel they are put under by car salesmen and women. The beauty of using someone like Broadspeed, or better still, us, is that it is absolutely pressure-free. You are essentially shopping online, but with additional benefits.

The easiest, most convenient and cheapest way to buy your new car

Not only are you saving on petrol by not having to drive around for miles from dealer to dealer, but because here and at other agents like Broadspeed we handle all the major manufacturers’ ranges, you still have a wide and comprehensive choice.

Whether you are looking for a BMW, a Peugeot, or any other brand of car from Audi to Volvo, you’ll get the keenest price by using us to gather quotations from dealers and get them forwarded directly to your email inbox.

Our service comes totally free of charge

As soon as you’ve finalised your specification using our online configuration tool, just hand the reins over to us, and we’ll hunt down the best deals for your dream car. What’s more, there is no fee. As far as you’re concerned, our services are totally free of charge.

The fact that we have been in business since 1999 means that we have nearly 20 years worth of experience in the car trade and we know everything there is to know about the brands we sell. Unlike some of our competitors, we only sell cars from franchised UK dealers. We do not sell imports.

The car of your choice will be delivered free of charge to the address you specify.

Putting you in the driving seat

When you have made your mind up which quote you wish to accept, you contact the dealer direct. Any money that transfers hands is directly between you and your chosen dealer. All we do for you is to ensure you receive the cheapest quotes on the web for your chosen specification of the car.

Agents like Broadspeed have their uses, but here, we put you firmly in the driving seat – in all senses.