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At Coast2Coast cars we pride ourselves on offering discount cars for sale.

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Buyanewcaronline offers similar services to ourselves. So are there any differences? A few and these are essentially the difference between using us and another company. Both can save you huge amounts off the list price of a new car. We can do all the work for you too, we even haggle on your behalf, what more could you ask for. Any discounts we get we always pass on to you, the consumer. We can either help you get in a better-specced car than you originally thought for the same price or we can save you money on the model you are looking to purchase.

We don’t just work with 1 carmaker, we cover all manufacturers and all models they make too. You don’t even have to stick to options online you can build your ideal car with our easy to use car builder and then we do all the rest. The same as Buyanewcaronline we always ensure you save money, sometimes and more often than not thousands of pounds. Maybe treat your family to a holiday with the savings, or upgrade the spec of the car you can afford.

BuyanewcaronlineThe entire process is online too making it easy for you to enquire anytime in the comfort of your own home or work. Our simple car builder form allows you full control in building the car of your dreams, from colour to radio and sat nav equipment. You have full control, then we go and find you your choices and present you with options on where to purchase and the savings that can be made.

We then put you in touch with the dealer of your choice so you can discuss direct the final details. Maybe you want to discuss how you purchase the car and see about any finance options available to you or perhaps you have a part exchange to speak about as some dealers will accept these too. Saving you the hassle of selling your own car which can take time and is a frustrating task at the best of times.

Buyanewcaronline can provide what we do so it’s always best to compare offers and deals and see which works best for you. We are a small and friendly family run business with years of experience in getting large discounts on new list price cars. We pride ourselves on how professional we are in this industry and at no point are you under any obligation at all to take up any of the offers, we offer a free service.

We work with a nationwide fleet of dealers for all car manufacturers. We cover all models, all vehicles are brand new no mileage and we even work with delivery miles only cars too, so something for every budget. See how we can save you thousands. Our free quotes are here to save you money when buying a brand new car. Don’t waste hours typing in the same info into forms and emailing or visiting dealers, being pestered by pushy salesmen. We take care of it all for you and with no obligation, you have nothing to lose at all.