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‘What Car’ Deals

How Coast2Coast compares

Buying a new car can be a tricky business. Actually, it doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy new or used, whether it’s a small car or you’re looking at large SUVs, there are so many things to look out for – including the best price deal. Don’t just take our word for it that we always offer a great deal, just read our reviews in our testimonials section.

Every week, What Car rounds up their best car deals in every segment, so you would naturally think this is the best place to go, but anyone who is thinking about getting a new car should come to us at Coast2Coast Cars. We are here to help individuals with impartial expert advice in person, offering a full car buying service to get the very best target price, and we offer this service completely free of charge – with no haggling!

We are a new car broker, offering hot leasing deals, come and browse the finance offers in this section of our website.

If you are looking for a form of finance, then look no further. Our dealers offer a full range of finance including Personal Contract Purchase, with an optional final payment at the end of the contract, Personal Contract Hire, Hire Purchase and more. Whether you are looking for business or personal lease deals, there will be vehicles and finance price available to you that will help you find the best deals to fit your requirements. Some contracts may be subject to excess mileage and annual mileage conditions. Throughout the transaction, we are available to provide help and advice where needed including looking at affordable monthly payments because we always offer the best finance deals.

We are so confident in our service, we would be happy for a team of mystery shoppers to test our over-the-phone or forecourt services.

Subscribe to What Car Magazine for WhatCar Deals because they provide handy information on plug in hybrid and electric cars, long term test reviews on cars including the Volvo v90 and Jaguar F Pace, plus it is well worth reading to see if they have any features on the specific vehicle you have in mind.

But if you are looking for something special; something that meets your idea of the perfect new car, reflects your personality, with your choice of the infotainment system, you are far better off using the personalised service that we offer. You can specify the exact details when using the build your own car area of our website.

This new car configurator goes far beyond just specifying the colour choice available. You can choose from our extensive range of car manufacturers from Audi to Volvo, laying out the car type you prefer, the engine size, the trim, etc.

Once you’ve finished designing your new car, we will do the rest. We will contact authorised dealers with your spec, and they will contact you directly with their best quotations. Full warranties and discounts are all passed straight on to you.

How it works – step by step, we are with you all the way:

  • You build your own car on the website
  • Fill in your details
  • Receive a quote by email
  • You will then be contacted by one of our handpicked dealers/suppliers
  • They will quote any finance etc as required
  • Part exchange can be dealt with directly with our handpicked dealers
  • No need to haggle over prices
  • No-fuss no fees

Since starting out in 1999, Coast2Coast have built an enviable reputation for being able to provide good deals on brand new cars. We offer a full range of car finance offers including PCP deals, and more. Throughout the transaction we will be available to provide help and advice where needed on the personal offers available to you. We welcome both private and business customers and can offer part exchange too.

Time and time again, our clients choose us because they know we will lead them to the best price offers using our broad, expert knowledge of all the car brands and models we handle. Should you have any queries regarding the car of your choice, we will be only too pleased to answer them.

We are just a phone call away to assist you with the purchase of your new vehicle, Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30 on 01239 851743.