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At Coast2Coast cars we pride ourselves on offering discount cars for sale.

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Alfa Romeo Finance Offers

All our Alfa Romeo quotes include any deposit contributions where applicable


Audi Finance Offers

What Makes Audi Deals So Appealing? Audi is producing some of the most luxurious cars on the market and the carmaker now has something for everyone.


BMW Finance Offers

All our BMW quotes include any deposit contributions where applicable



Whether you’re looking for a Cupra Ateca or any of the other Seat Cupra models, you can use our car configurator to find your perfect car.



Offering a wide range of vehicles, Dacia cars offer value for money and a great way to own a vehicle.



At Coast2Coast Cars, we want all of our clients to own the car that they want. As a result, Ford finance can help you to take ownership of your Ford car.

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Purchasing a car is one of the biggest purchases we make and for many, paying for it outright isn’t possible and this is where Hyundai Finance can help.


Jeep Finance Offers

All our Jeep quotes include any deposit contributions where applicable


Mazda Finance Offers

Mazda pcp car deals: Mazda PCP or Personal Contract Purchase is a great way to own the latest Mazda cars without the need to take out a large finance deal


Mercedes Benz Finance Offers

All our Mercedes quotes include any deposit contributions where applicable

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Nissan is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. Their cars also provide a sublime driving experience and comfort.


Porsche Finance Offers

Our Porsche finance deals come with a low APR and they enable you to make payments over a range of periods, permitting you to control how much you spend.

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Our Renault finance deals are highly competitive and are supplied by RCI financial services limited. We make sure that they are low priced.



Seat deals: The Seat car leasing deals that we offer are all unique. This is because we have exclusive access to deals from around the country.


Skoda Finance / Car Offers

Some people like to have the latest models and they want a hands-off approach to motoring which is exactly what our Skoda PCP deals are designed to offer.

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Toyota has an impressive reputation when it comes to manufacturing cars that are designed to fit the lifestyles of almost everyone.


Volvo Finance Offers

Volvo is considered to be one of the leading luxury car manufacturers on the market and they are known for outstanding quality.


Volkswagen Finance Offers

Purchasing a car outright is not a possibility and that’s why Coast2Coast Cars offers the latest in Volkswagen finance deals.